Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Mp3 downloads 3/25/11

I am sure a lot of people don't think about this but a lot of websites 
such as itunes, walmart and amazon give away free mp3 often. Sometimes we may have never heard of the band but I think it's fun to discover new bands while getting an mp3 for free. 
 Here are the ones I have came across this past week:


The Afters- Life is sweet (Might be a new fav of mine).
Click here to check out the song for yourself.


Beyonce - Wishing on a star.
Click here to go to the page.

Dio- Holy Diver. Here 

Fuse TV:
Be sure to check out this page every week for new free downloads.


Itunes has a page dedicated to free mp3s, videos, and even apps.
 Be sure to check that out once a week or so. 

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