Friday, June 1, 2012

Join Superpoints & Earn free gift cards from amazon, paypal, Victoria's secret and more!

Superpoints is an easy way to earn gift cards! It is free to sign up, and free to be a member, simple right? You must think, hey there is a catch right? Well good news there isn't. I have been using superpoints for around a year and have received so many FREE gift cards that I used for Christmas, our house and on myself. 

You will receive daily emails from them, make sure to open it to get your free points. It ranges from 1 point to 200 points in your email. Plus you get 30 spins each day, make sure to do those. The more people you have join you, the more spins you get. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today! - Sign up here:

What I have earned so far this year! You can earn this too!! 
I had my husband sign up, and I catch him doing it from time to time. :)

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